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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Drama: The Disguiser

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The Disguiser  China Drama
Title: The Disguiser
Chinese Title: 伪装者
Broadcast Date: August 31, 2015   -  
Genre: War and Revolution, Spy
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 48
Director: Li Xue
Region: China

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During the puppet regime under the Japan occupation, Communist and Nationalist operatives become embroiled in a revolution. Ming Tai, Ming Lou and Ming Jing are three siblings in this era of spies and deception.

"You can tear open my wound.You can hurt me. I am okay with it. I am already hurt all over. But I can't let you hurt Ming Tai."
- Yu Man Li to Wang Tian Feng (episode 4)

"And human life how should it not be hard?
From ancient times there was none that had to die"

- The words inside the pouch that Yu ManLi gave Ming Tai (episode 5)

"Sometimes the fate of people cannot be decided. It depends on where the world tosses you. In spite of yourself."
- Ming Lou after Ming Tai's first kill (episode 7)

"It is easy to take revenge but difficult to get over the hate."
- Wang Tian Feng to Yu Man Li (episode 8)

"Remember, as an excellent spy, the only survival skill is to not be afraid of death. The only way to survive is to not believe anyone, besides yourself."
- Wang Tian Feng's advice to Ming Tai (episode 8)

"I'm not afraid of dying. But I'm afraid that if I died, I wouldn't be able to see you anymore."
- Ming Tai to Cheng Jin Yun (episode 19)

"For you, I'm not even afraid of dying.
But you need to die a worthy death.
For you, everything is worth it. "

- Ming Tai and Cheng Jin Yun (episode 19)

"Ming Tai, I am not afraid of living a hard life, I am willing to go anywhere with you. Even to hell. Even if before us, there are many cliffs and you asked me to jump, I would jump and wait for you.
Enough, what's this crazy talk?
I love you! I love you. I know what kind of person I am, so it's painful for me to love. I should not fall in love with someone I can't live up to. My love is so despairing, because I knew from the very beginning, what the ending would be."

- Yu Man Li confessing her love to Ming Tai (episode 21)

"It is not end of the world even you were wrong. As long as you are alive, I would forgive you. The tasks in future, would be more and more risky. We might loss our lives any moment. So you remember. Keep calm all the time because the war is more and more brutal. We had to have the determination every minute to prepare to sacrifice ourselves"
- Ming Lou to Ming Tai (episode 25)

"Didn't anyone tell you? when you throw a temper, you are like a woman, unreasonable."
- Wang Tian Feng mocking Ming Lou (episode 29)

"Actually, gambling isn't my strong hold.
Yes. Your strong hold is scuffing cards."

- Dailog between Wang Tian Feng and Ming Lou before they played cards (episode 29)

"Congratulation to you. I still haven't congratulate you. Your engagement.
Thank you.
You don't have to worry about me. Nothing wrong has been done toward me. Originally, it was my greed. It wasn't belong to me at the first place. What right do I have to make you uneasy? Actually, I should be happy. At least... you still have guilt toward me.
No matter when, you are my best battle mate. We are forever life and death partners."

- Dialog between Yu Man Li and Ming Tai before they started the mission (episode 31)

"Shanghai is such a place. The people who love her (Shanghai) will be safe. People with bad intention, will always have troubles with them. If Mr Dengtian really don't like Shanghai, my advise to you, it is better not to return.
This city, and the rest of the people whom I wish to see, they aren't like Director Ming who wants me to leave. But they don't want me to just leave. Therefore, this journey will end very soon."

- Dialog between Ming Lou and Wang Tian Feng (episode 41)

Main Cast
Hu Ge Hu Ge as Ming Tai
Wang Le Jun Wang Le Jun as Cheng Jin Yun
Jin Dong Jin Dong as Ming Lou
Liu Min Tao Liu Min Tao as Ming Jing
Song Yi Song Yi as Yu Man Li
Wang Ou Wang Ou as Wang Man Chun

Supporting Cast
The Disguiser  China Drama
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