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Friday, 17 July 2015

Drama: Xianxia Sword

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Xianxia Sword / Immortal Sword Hero  China Drama
Title: Xianxia Sword / Immortal Sword Hero
Chinese Title: 仙侠剑
Broadcast Date: July 18, 2015   -  
Genre: Period Drama, Martial Arts, Melodrama
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 42
Director: Zhu Rui Bin Chen Wei Tao
Region: China

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He Yu Feng (Liu Ting Yu) is a kind-hearted and righteous woman who is brave and intelligent. She catches the eye of Ou Yang Xuan (Lu Yu Lin) who requests for her hand in marriage. Yu Feng rejects the proposal because her heart belongs to another yet jealousy rears its ugly head and her family suffers because of it. With the help of Deng Jiu Gong (Zhou Ming Zeng), Yu Feng practices martial arts day and night as she trudges a path of vengeance. Song Sheng Qiu (Jiang Yi) is a man who takes on a similar cause. Because of rumors that he holds the Xianxia Sword, he becomes a moving target for the entire martial arts realm due to people hoping to covet the legendary weapon for themselves.

Fun Facts
The series premiered on July 18, 2015 on CCTV 8.

Main Cast
Liu TingYu Liu TingYu as He Yu Feng
Jiang Yi Jiang Yi as Song Sheng Qiu
Xu Shen Dong Xu Shen Dong as Hua Long Ying
Lu Yu Lin Lu Yu Lin as Ou Yang Xuan
Chen Wei Han Chen Wei Han as Chang Xi
Tang Zhen Ye Tang Zhen Ye as Lan Zhong Yue
Li Si Bei Li Si Bei as Deng Rou Rou

Supporting Cast
  • Zhang Chen Guang as Song Ning Yuan
  • Gao Xiong as Ou Yang Xiu Luo
  • Liang Jia Ren as Bian Rang
  • Wang Gang as Zhang Hong Lie
  • Zhou Ming Zeng as Deng Jiu Gong
  • Lily Tien as Bai Xue Mei
  • Liu Na Ping as Hong Hong
  • Zhong Jiu Fu as Cang Song
  • Xu Shao Qiang as He Ji
  • Shang Yi Sha as Hong Mo Nu
  • Chen Xiu Li as Zhang Jin Feng
  • Qian Jing as Hao Yue
  • Qian Xuan as Bai Luo Sha

  • Jian Xia Hun (剑侠魂) by Lu Yu Lin (陆昱霖)
  • Ren Shi Qing (人世情) by Liu TingYu (刘庭羽)

Xianxia Sword / Immortal Sword Hero  China Drama
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