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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Movie: Lost in the Pacific

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Lost in the Pacific China / United States Movie
Title: Lost in the Pacific
Chinese Title: 蒸发太平洋
Release Date: January 29, 2015
Genre: Action, Thriller, Science Fiction, Adventure
Language: English, Mandarin
Director: Zhou Wen Wu Bei
Region: China / United States

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In the futuristic year of 2020, an airplane embarks on its first voyage with high society flyers on board. On the way, an accident forces them to crash land into an island where rabid monsters roam free and the pilot (Kitty Zhang Yu Qi), the chef (Brandon Routh), the businessman (Wang Sheng De), the superstar, the reporters and the flight crew find themselves surrounded by danger. To top it off, a team of highly-trained agents have also appeared.

Lost in the Pacific Kitty Zhang Kitty Zhang as Ruo Xin
Lost in the Pacific Brandon Routh Brandon Routh as Mai Ke
Lost in the Pacific Jiang Meng Jie Jiang Meng Jie as Ren Xing
Lost in the Pacific Sunny Wang Yang Ming Sunny Wang Yang Ming as Ke Lin
Lost in the Pacific Russell Wong Russell Wong as Gao Zheng Dong
Lost in the Pacific Bernice Jan Liu Bernice Jan Liu as Li Ji

Supporting Cast
  • Dai Xiang Yu as Yue Xiang
  • Kai Wei Lai Man as Wen Sen Te
  • Wu Tian Yu as Yang Lin Lin
  • Na Ta Sha Luo Yi De as Jia Ling
  • Yu Yong Lin as Mo Ni Ka
  • Ta Zi Tuo Jia Xi Ya as Ha De Sa Wang Zi
  • Duo Mi Ni Ke Di as Bao Bo
  • Lu Si Yu as Jin You Nan
  • Di Mu Pa Li Shen as Pi Te
  • Wei Sen Te Wo De as Luo De Man
  • Bao Bo Tang Li as Jie Sen
  • Ge Rui Di En as Han Bo Shi

  • (Lost in the Pacific) by (Sebastian Mikael&Airia&Andrew K)
  • Zheng Fa Tai Ping Yang (蒸发太平洋) by Di Ke Niu Zai (迪克牛仔)

Lost in the Pacific China / United States Movie
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