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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Drama: Small Town Adventures

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Small Town Adventures  China Drama
Title: Small Town Adventures
Chinese Title: 茧镇奇缘
Broadcast Date: 2015
Genre: Mystery, Melodrama
Language: Mandarin
Director: Li Shao Hong Zeng Nian Ping
Region: China

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During the Republican era, a serial murderer who targets beautiful women is causing alarm among the people and a tarot card may be the key to solving the mystery. Huang Tian Hong (Jiang Tong) has two sons and one daughter. On his 60th birthday, his eldest daughter Huang Meng Qing (Zhang Zhi Xi) returns to the country with her friend Du Chun Xiao (Victoria Song). Much to everyone's surprise, Tian Hong is uncharacteristically attentive to Chun Xiao, even arranging for her to marry his older son Huang Mo Ru (Yang Yang). However, Chun Xiao discovers that dark secrets lie ahead and she relies on her wit and courage to find the truth. The Huang family's younger son Huang Mu Yun (Jiang Jin Fu) also ends up helping her along the way.

Fun Facts
It is a TV series adapted from the 2nd book of Tarot Female Detective, a three-part series written by An Di Yao Rao aka Zhang Ran Ran.

Main Cast
Victoria Song Qian Victoria Song Qian as Du Chun Xiao
Jiang Jin Fu Jiang Jin Fu as Huang Mu Yun
Zhang Zhi Xi Zhang Zhi Xi as Huang Meng Qing
Yang Yang Yang Yang as Huang Mo Ru
Zhou Yi Zhou Yi as San Tai Tai
Nan Sheng Nan Sheng as Bai Zi Feng
Cao Yan Yan Cao Yan Yan as Er Tai Tai
Jiang Tong Jiang Tong as Huang Tian Ming
Yang Rui Yang Rui as Zhao Guan Jia
Zhang Lei Zhang Lei as Li Chang Deng

Supporting Cast
Small Town Adventures  China Drama
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