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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Drama: City Hunter 2014

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City Hunter 2014 China Drama
Title: City Hunter 2014
Chinese Title: 城市猎人(2014年林志颖、马苏主演电视剧)
Broadcast Date: 2015
Genre: Fantasy
Language: Mandarin
Director: Huang Ming Sheng / Ma Hua Gan / Shen Huo Xin
Region: China

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During the Republican era, the country is war-torn and in shambles, paving way for the rise of a hero named He Xiao (Jimmy Lin), who treads on the path of vengeance after the death of his family, vowing to help the needy and to defend the weak.

Fun Facts

City Hunter is a Chinese TV series adapted from a manga by Tsukasa Hojo. It is directed by Huang Ming Sheng and Ma Hua Gan and it premiered on Sept 28, 2014.

City Hunter 2014 Ma Su Ma Su as Ding Qiao Min
City Hunter 2014 Tin Chiu Hung Tin Chiu Hung as Xu Meng Xiong
City Hunter 2014 Bao Wen Jing Bao Wen Jing as Lu Shao Xin
City Hunter 2014 Luo Jia Ying Luo Jia Ying as Lu Nan Tian
City Hunter 2014 Wei Da Xun Wei Da Xun as Fan Hong Ling
City Hunter 2014 Huang Hai Bing Huang Hai Bing as Wang Ye

Supporting Cast
  • Lin Zhi Ying as He Xiao
  • Wu Ma as Fan De Fu
  • Hu Dong as Mai Ke
  • Chen Zi Xi as Deng Li Li
  • Zhang Bei Bei as Chu Wan
  • Xie Yun Hong as Kai Xuan

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